Hello, and Welcome!


Thank you for taking the time (or just happening to stumble across) my simple NaPoWriMo poetry blog, Poetry Ponderings. I decided to create this blog so that I could participate officially in NaPoWriMo, because I’m not sure if my private creative writing blog would really count. 😉

This will be my second year doing NaPoWriMo, and I’m extremely excited to get going! However, I must admit that I’m still a “newbie” poet, and my poetry still has plenty of room for development. Please, don’t hesitate to leave a bit of feedback on my poetry, just please no criticism besides constructive criticism.

Once again, thanks for stopping by, and I can’t wait to get posting!

Are you participating in NaPoWriMo? If so, how long have you been doing so?



Author: Savannah

dreamer. wordcrafter. child of the King.

11 thoughts on “Hello, and Welcome!”

  1. I am about to do NaPoWriMo for third year but I don’t write anything on the spot.
    I post things I have been crafting during the year since last April.
    Best poetic wishes & Christ is Lord forever.

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