Day Twenty-Six: Breathe


Close your eyes and breathe.
Sometimes the best things in life
are felt, not just seen.


Day Twenty-Five: Smile Again

Smile Again

Dear friend,
let me see you smile
I miss the subtle upward curve
that used to often dance across your lips.
I miss your bubbly laugh;
I miss your sparkling eyes.
Your laughter was music to my ears,
and your voice was sweet as honey when you sang.
But, oh, when you smiled–
not even the stars shone as bright.

Why do you clam up now, my friend?
When will you smile
Don’t you know the world is too dark,
too serious,
too cold
without your shine?
We’re all walking on glass until we see your smile,
friend of mine.
Don’t you know the difference you make
when you dare to have joy in the darkest hour?
For our world is just too sour
without your radiant glow.

So just once, my friend–
let me see you smile


Day Twenty-Four: Broken Things

Broken Things

People all have
broken things.
Broken memories
and broken lives
and broken hearts.

And sometimes they sit there
and dwell on those broken things.
They pick up the jagged edges,
tenderly stroke crumbled pieces of what once was,
and they stare at their brokenness.

They just stare at it.

But I think they forget sometimes–
oh, how they forget–
that God can fix even the broken things…
and he can make a masterpiece.

Oh, how they forget–
God can take the broken things
and make something even more magnificent than

Oh, how they forget–
it’s in the broken things that
miracles happen. It’s from the broken things
that beauty emerges.

God loves the broken things too.



Day Twenty-Three: Like A Song

Like A Song

I went down to the lovely beach today
and took a peaceful walk along the coast.
The waves lapped gently by my toes and I
could hear the wind’s sweet whisper in my ears.
Into the water did I wade until
I could skim the surface with my fingers
and ripples broke the stillness of the sea.
I did not want to soak my clothes so I
trekked through the water and back to the shore.
There I resumed my walk along the coast
as the sun rose higher into the sky
and colors sprang up all around in the
making of a majestic piece of art;
the lapping of the waves was like a song.


Day Twenty-Two: Until the Very End

Until the Very End

I happened to be looking at you when you turned and caught my eye,
but my head turned sharply away.
We were strangers then–
definitely not best friends.

I watched you for a while before I tried to speak,
but you were better at starting small-talk than I.
We were just acquaintances then–
definitely not best friends.

But then, I think we clicked somehow,
because now I can’t imagine life without you.
All the sleepovers, deep conversations, but goofy jokes too;
when I’m with you, we both belong in a zoo.

There was a time when we were strangers,
a time when we knew each other a bit.

But now I know we will always be best friends–
even until the very end.