Day Sixteen: Claustrophobic


I’m suffocating.
My hands claw at the walls,
my eyes squeezed shut,
my breath coming in short gasps.
The walls press against my body;
I hear my screams, but they sound far off.
Someone help me
because I’m dying,
maybe not on the outside, but my mental boundaries are
The panic I feel is overwhelming.
My brain is going to burst.
My lungs cannot grab enough oxygen;
are the walls spinning?
And here I am
pounding the walls,
breaking down,
because the elevator door won’t open.

(I used a prompt based on my worst fear.)


Author: Misty

Why hello there. :) I'm Misty, a Christian writer, photographer, and violinist. The most likely places to find me are at the beach or the library, or maybe curled up somewhere clacking away at an old typewriter.

13 thoughts on “Day Sixteen: Claustrophobic”

    1. Haha! Same! The building I go to for orchestra practice has the oldest elevator I have ever set foot in, and every now and then, people get stuck in it. I feel like I should get some kind of medal of honor every time I ride it. 😅

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      1. Oooh… *shudder* I’d much rather use the stairs. xD That’s pretty much my worst nightmare… that, or being in space. 😮

        -Clara ❤

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  1. VERY pretty! (As usual) 😉
    Haha! My oldest sister (who is out of college, might I add…) has a terrible fear of bridges. But the thing is, we used to go across at least two BIG ones to get to her college from home. 😋
    ~ Suzy

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  2. Loved it. It scared me. Very dark. Then when I realized you were in an elevator, I was relieved. Still scary. Loved the writing and the emotions it invoked in me.

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