Day Sixteen: Claustrophobic


I’m suffocating.
My hands claw at the walls,
my eyes squeezed shut,
my breath coming in short gasps.
The walls press against my body;
I hear my screams, but they sound far off.
Someone help me
because I’m dying,
maybe not on the outside, but my mental boundaries are
The panic I feel is overwhelming.
My brain is going to burst.
My lungs cannot grab enough oxygen;
are the walls spinning?
And here I am
pounding the walls,
breaking down,
because the elevator door won’t open.

(I used a prompt based on my worst fear.)

Author: Savannah

dreamer. wordcrafter. child of the King.

13 thoughts on “Day Sixteen: Claustrophobic”

    1. Haha! Same! The building I go to for orchestra practice has the oldest elevator I have ever set foot in, and every now and then, people get stuck in it. I feel like I should get some kind of medal of honor every time I ride it. 😅

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      1. Oooh… *shudder* I’d much rather use the stairs. xD That’s pretty much my worst nightmare… that, or being in space. 😮

        -Clara ❤

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  1. VERY pretty! (As usual) 😉
    Haha! My oldest sister (who is out of college, might I add…) has a terrible fear of bridges. But the thing is, we used to go across at least two BIG ones to get to her college from home. 😋
    ~ Suzy

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  2. Loved it. It scared me. Very dark. Then when I realized you were in an elevator, I was relieved. Still scary. Loved the writing and the emotions it invoked in me.

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