Day Twenty-Three: Like A Song

Like A Song

I went down to the lovely beach today
and took a peaceful walk along the coast.
The waves lapped gently by my toes and I
could hear the wind’s sweet whisper in my ears.
Into the water did I wade until
I could skim the surface with my fingers
and ripples broke the stillness of the sea.
I did not want to soak my clothes so I
trekked through the water and back to the shore.
There I resumed my walk along the coast
as the sun rose higher into the sky
and colors sprang up all around in the
making of a majestic piece of art;
the lapping of the waves was like a song.



Author: Savannah

dreamer. wordcrafter. child of the King.

2 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Three: Like A Song”

    1. Thank you, Grace! Well, that depends…sometimes it only takes a few minutes if I’m feeling inspired (for some random reason), but if I can’t think of anything, it can take from thirty minutes to an hour. 😉

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