Day Twenty-Four: Broken Things

Broken Things

People all have
broken things.
Broken memories
and broken lives
and broken hearts.

And sometimes they sit there
and dwell on those broken things.
They pick up the jagged edges,
tenderly stroke crumbled pieces of what once was,
and they stare at their brokenness.

They just stare at it.

But I think they forget sometimes–
oh, how they forget–
that God can fix even the broken things…
and he can make a masterpiece.

Oh, how they forget–
God can take the broken things
and make something even more magnificent than

Oh, how they forget–
it’s in the broken things that
miracles happen. It’s from the broken things
that beauty emerges.

God loves the broken things too.



Author: Savannah

dreamer. wordcrafter. child of the King.

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