The Plunge

I’m plunging from this precipice of
disaster as threads unravel,
pieces slipping between my
fingers and my support
drowning in a sea
of pride — but You
help me land
on my

Author: Savannah

dreamer. wordcrafter. child of the King.

21 thoughts on “The Plunge”

  1. Lovely Misty! I love using the Nonet in poetry, and I especially appreciated the visual the format gave me here–it complemented the content wonderfully! The image of something falling was well exemplified here–and I can definitely relate. Brava!

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      1. Well, yes. The doc I invite you to will be the doc that I wrote Shadows on. I used it because Google Docs has some neat features that make collaborating easy, such as “suggesting,” which is basically where you can type on the doc with any edits you may have. I can choose to accept or reject the suggestion based on if I think it’s relevant to the novel or not. So you can basically edit for me in several places. 😉 I know there’s a ton of grammar errors I’ve missed, as I’ve mainly been focusing on the bigger things.
        You can also highlight something and leave a comment…maybe your thoughts on the sentence or any suggestions for it, etc. If you feel like something is unexplained you can leave a comment on that too. It’s not very hard to figure out, and once you do it’s really easy and helpful. 😉

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      2. Yes! It definitely is! My friends and I use it to collaborate all the time with novels/short stories/etc. It’s really convenient, and hey…it’s free too. 😛
        I can’t wait for you to read it! I just gotta finish making my big changes…I worked a lot on that tonight though, so hopefully I can finish tonight/tomorrow. So excited!!

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      3. That’s really awesome! 😀 AHH! I’m SO excited! 😀
        Oh, and Shadowland is coming along pretty well! I’m new to dystopian and feeling a little lost, but I’m trying to research and I’m going to be reading Shadows and The Giver soon, so hopefully I can figure things out. Thanks for all of your amazing help!

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      4. Yep. 😉 Same!!
        Oh, yay! AWESOME. The Giver is an amazing book. The whole trilogy is incredible though, but the first book is my favorite. I know you’ll love them!
        No problem! 😉

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      5. Thank you so much! I’ll definitely keep that in mind! And actually, I’ve been trying to figure things out for the last hour and I think I’m got an idea! I slightly altered Nessa’s motive, so it’s much clearer to me and I really understand her a bit more now. Instead of just “joining the rebellion,” I think I’m going to have her try to escape the poverty and war only to run into it again with a rebellion. 🙂
        I don’t think it will alter my plot too much, so I can keep on writing what I’m writing. 🙂
        I’ll be sure to let you know how everything turns out. 🙂

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