I see the world in black in white,
where smiles are colorless and faces are plain
as places fly past my window but I don’t bother
to put my hands on the glass.

Everything is a blur of black and white
where nothing catches my attention
because there are
no splashes of color in my eyes.

Paint me a picture
but I will not notice
any difference at all
or at least,
you won’t know if I do.

The earth is spinning so slowly to us
there should be time for me to notice
this spectrum of color people walk upon,
but I like to hunch and hide in my car
where everything flies by in a blur
and my world is so

Pretend you don’t know me,
as you will,
or recognize me for my feigned

But you see me at the bus stop,
at the café,
at your work,
at your school.

My name is Indifference;
I cannot be a distorted facade forever.


Author: Savannah

dreamer. wordcrafter. child of the King.

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