My God Pursues Me

I’m afraid of myself and this burden I carry,
obsessing over the pain I hate,
yet I display an image that I’m okay,
matched with an identical fake smile
I pulled from my wardrobe today.

because I like to hide, you see,
in my dress of pride
and I hope You’ll never notice
the ugliness underneath,
that maybe my mask will conceal the fear

I feel

each day

as my anxieties press it and probe it
but will You, won’t You
chase me down the aisles of madness,
a maze we call life,
because I’m running and wishing
You won’t catch me but then I’m hoping
You will.

let’s stop hiding behind lies, dear.
this barrier isn’t safe anymore
because He pursues me through the cold
of the night though I scream at Him
to keep away,
to let me hide in my sin
but my heart is a magnet.

He says, stop running, child
and I see Him standing there
with open arms
though my skin is cold
and my sin, it’s old
He loves me


Author: Savannah

dreamer. wordcrafter. child of the King.

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