it blossoms beauty
in nature’s delicate form,
colors springing forth
like a fountain,
dipping to the earth
from which it came.

teasing the churned soil,
the wind sweeps the petals
from side to side,
mocking earth’s bare surface
where no arms can reach
to drag her down.

colors spiraling,
petals dancing,
a green stem bathes in natural light,
turned to dancing rays,
until clouds rebel
and rain cascades through the air
and kisses the petals
with the slightest touch–
at first.

I see you with your smile,
where you play in the leaves
and try to hold the sun
between your fingers.

you prance through the garden,
admiring the flowers
until you find my rose
where it sways in the morning breeze.

you crouch down to stare at it,
and I see the question forming
in your eyes,
so I answer anyway:

don’t be afraid
to pick the petals
but please don’t
rob it clean.

Author: Savannah

dreamer. wordcrafter. child of the King.

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