About Poetry Ponderings

When I created Poetry Ponderings, my original intention was to keep the blog active only during National Poetry Writing Month. I planned for it to be a place to try my hand at poetry and dive headfirst into the annual challenge. Now, poetry has become a passion to me. It’s a tool of expression. Through it, I sort out my complicated thoughts and feelings, but I always find the Creator at the root of it. He is at the very beginning of all things beautiful, magnificent, glorious, and even the smallest, most complex components in this life.

I aspire to be a burning light in a dark, lost world. I pray the Savior may use my words to touch hearts in a way that only He can. This is the purpose behind Poetry Ponderings.


17 thoughts on “About Poetry Ponderings”

  1. A-I.. W-We.. y-yo-you have another…. b-blog? XD I did not know that!!! :O XD Hahaha!! *slaps forehead* how silly of me! I’ve seen this blog, but I guess I didn’t know it was yours!!! I did not know YOU HAD TWO BLOGS MISTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD D: Or I forgot.. 😐 🙂 Hehe!!!

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  2. I love your poetry blog, Misty! Poetry is definitely fun to write! 😄 I love your poetry and don’t think it’s bad at all! I really like your haikus, too. They’re one of my favorite poetry forms to write in. 😀
    Once again, amazing blog! I *finally* checked it out and followed… 😛 😄

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